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400                              LIFE  OF
Hmnboldt against the Carlsbad decrees, and the great
reactionary scheme would "be destroyed.
An accidental circumstance facilitated their plans.
The minister of war. Von Boyen, disgusted by several
equally illiberal militia and military decrees., demanded,
his dismissal^ which the king granted^ and his example
was followed some days after by Ton Grolman, director
of a department in the ministry of war.
The facility with which. Boyen's dismissal had been
effected^ inspired the party with more courage. They
told the Mug" that nothing was gained as long as the
most able and most talented of all remained in the
ministry. It is said that the king hesitated, but
Hardenberg and "Wittgenstein Insisted, and on the 31st
of December^ 1819, Hmnboldt and Beyme were dis-
missed. It may be said that they were thrust out of
the ministry as dangerous. The ministerial pension
of 6000 doEars was offered to Hnmbijldt3biit he refused
it and retired to private life. Thus Hnmboldt/s con-
nexion with the court was entirely broken of£ The
Mug was deeply offended to find Humboldt, whom he
tad formerly met every evening in his palace., or that
of the Princess Radziwil, in suet violent opposition
to Ms will. The people were indignant^ although they
could not vent their anger, and the French papers men-
tioned Humboldt's retirement, and that of
men who had done so mucli for          country^ as a
great loss for Prussia.
The                           ^conquered and stowed her-
self ttoldly after the fall of the  opposition.    Harden-
l>erg became the faithful  servant of Uletternieh, and
died with        reputation of having done much for the
of despotism and retrogression.
Hmnboldt could retire with the consciousness of
liaving done his utmost -without having exceeded the
"bounds of loyal opposition. He willingly retired to
private life, as he        BO means of working good on
the field of politics. It lias been said that lie might
have continued the straggle on another field, and
boldly., "but for this there was no room in Germany or